Some types of head lice treatment lotions can catch fire - with 8 children suffering burns.

Parents who use products including Hedrin, Full Marks, and Nyda are being warned of the dangers of smoking around treated kids or let them near naked flames after treatment.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority – which polices the safety of medical products – has issued an alert to pharmacists advising them to make sure parents are aware of the dangers.

According to the government authority, eight cases of serious burns associated with Hedrin 4% cutaneous solution have been reported to the MHRA since the product was licensed in 2005.

Four cases were associated with a cigarette lighter or lighting of a cigarette, one with a lit cigarette, one with a candle, and 2 with adjusting a gas fire.

There have been 2 further serious burns cases associated with other products. In 2006 a woman suffered serious burns when smoking during treatment. In 2017 another incident occurred when a child undergoing treatment came into contact with a naked flame, resulting in very serious burns.

A spokesman for Hedrin said: "Customer safety is of utmost importance.

"Hedrin four per cent lotion carries a prominent warning to keep hair away from sources of ignition, especially naked flames and burning cigarettes.

"The rest of the Hedrin range is not associated with these issues but we do always advise keeping hair away from naked flames."

This article contained a previous image of a Bug Buster comb. The product is not implicated in this alert.