THE actor husband of Ugly Betty and Extras star Ashley Jensen took his own life after being found unresponsive in his car, an inquest has heard.

Actor Terence Beesley, 60, was found in the silver Mercedes in the garage of the Somerset home the couple shared with their eight-year-old son Francis.

"Devastated" Ms Jensen discovered Mr Beesley's unresponsive body in the garage after returning home on Nov 30 last year.

In a prepared statement, the actress said: "I am truly devastated about Terry's death and I will never ever forget what happened that night.

"I had no idea he was capable of doing what he did."

The inquest heard Mr Beesley was in good health, did not drink any alcohol, never smoked, and had no past mental health issues.

Avon coroner's court was told a post mortem revealed that carbon monoxide levels in his blood were at 73 per cent - with 50 per cent being associated with death.

Avon and Somerset police officer Garry Hancock said in a statement he responded to a concern for welfare call at an address in Camerton, near Bath, Somerset.

PC Hancock said: "At 5.37pm I arrived at the address and saw that fire and ambulance crews were already in attendance.

"It was dark, but artificial lighting lit the gravel driveway and I could see a large detached dwelling on the left-hand side of the property, about eight car lengths away.

"Ambulance and fire crew were performing chest compressions on a male who was positioned about half a metre from the open garage which housed two cars, both turned off.

"I was informed that the male had been found inside one of the vehicles, a silver Mercedes. I examined it and could see no pipes or anything similar out of the ordinary."

PC Hancock added: "I spoke to a member of the fire crew who told me Mr Beasley had suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning and was not breathing and had no pulse."

Mr Beesley's death was confirmed at 6.03pm. 

PC Hancock told how he went into the house and spoke to Ms Jensen, who had last spoken to her husband via text about 1pm that afternoon.

She had then emailed him about collecting their son from school.

Ms Jensen returned home at about 5pm and, after failing to find him in the house, went into the garage to see his body in the car.

She tried in vain to rouse Mr Beesley by tapping his face before she returned to the house and called 999.

A postmortem carried out by Dr Karin Denton discovered a level of 73% carbon monoxide in his blood.

Dr Denton revealed that, other than a scar and slight swelling to Mr Beesley's left foot, he showed no other external injuries, and no natural disease that could have caused his death.

Medical records from Mr Beesley's GP, Dr Sam Robinson, at Coombe Down surgery, showed him to be "generally fairly fit and well".

Dr Robinson said Mr Beesley had a gall stone scare in October 2017, but that the ultrasound came back normal.

A routine NHS health check on Sept 28 showed Mr Beesley's cholesterol was only marginally raised, and his blood pressure was "very good".

Concluding the inquest, assistant coroner, Dr Peter Harrowing, recorded Mr Beesley's death as suicide.

He said: "On the afternoon of Nov 30, Mr Beesley knew his wife and young child were not at home and he would not be disturbed.

"He took the deliberate act of starting the engine and running the car in the closed garage at his home.

"I am satisfied that there was only one intention on his part - the deliberate act of ending his own life.

"I offer my sincerest condolences to his family and friends."

Ms Jensen described her husband as "independent and outgoing" and said he had many friends amongst his colleagues.

The couple met in 1999 while they were both involved in a London theatre production of King Lear.

Mr Beesley was married to Ms Jensen, 48, for ten years and the couple have an eight-year-old son, Francis.

The actor, who appeared in ITV's hit period drama Victoria, married Ms Jensen in 2007.

She is best for known for her role in Extras alongside Ricky Gervais and also for her 10-year stint in the comedy Ugly Betty.

Born in London to Irish parents, Mr Beesley's career took off in the 1980s with a string of television appearances along with parts in film and on stage.

He played Buxton in ITV's Victoria, portrayed General Benningsen in BBC One's War & Peace and appeared in the feature film London Has Fallen, all in 2016.

During his career, Mr Beesley featured in EastEnders, The Bill, Where the Heart Is, Casualty and Midsomer Murders.