A BREWERY set up in Wiveliscombe almost 40 years ago is hoping it will soon be producing more beer.

Exmoor Ales wants to build two silos to help cut costs, cut down on deliveries and free up space, as well as a new cold store, which would help boost production.

Exmoor Ales has applied for planning permission for the two 15-tonne malt silos and cold store at its Old Brewery Road premises in Wiveliscombe.

An earlier planning application was turned down as its height above surrounding buildings was deemed unacceptable by planners.

The fresh application sees the original proposed height reduced from 9.86 metres to 6.5 metres.

Jim Bletcher, of The Alban Building Consultancy, has told planners in a written statement: "The new design means that the silos are approximately the same height as the ridge of the adjacent industrial unit and therefore much less obtrusive.

"Practical considerations dictate that the upper service yard is the only suitable location for this equipment."

He added: "The ability to purchase and store malt in bulk quantities considerably reduces purchase and handling costs, frees up space within the brewery building and means far less frequent deliveries are required.

"The existing cold store within the brewery building is proving too small to accommodate the number of casks required to meet demand and new cold store, situated within the lower service yard, will allow production to be increased."