A BRILLIANTLY brainy Bridgwater student has sensationally achieved a First Class distinction for a university essay which has been published in a national magazine.

Klaudia Redwelska, 15, is the head girl at Robert Blake Science College, has managed to have her article published on Marine Biology in a magazine called The Scholar.

She also got rave reviews from her tutor who said it was First Class Degree standard. Her tutor wrote: “Klaudia’s work was of a better quality than many I have seen at an Undergraduate level and throughly deserved the First Class grade it received.”

Klaudia's 2,000-word work on the Scholar's Programme was titled 'How might ocean acidification affect marine organisms by the year 2030?'. It was published alongside 45 others essays from across the UK.

Clever Klaudia is a member of Robert Blake Science College's Brilliant Club which allows some of most able students in Years 8, 9 and 10 the chance to take part in a six-week programme with university tutors.

Head teacher Deb Loveridge explained: "The students are given lessons with university tutors on a certain topic once a week and given homework tasks before eventually being asked to complete a report."

The students in the Brilliant Club were also taken on trips to Bristol and Exeter Universities as part of the programme, but the universities the college work with as part of the programme change each year.

"The students find it challenging but rewarding and really seem to engage with it. We were over the moon when we heard about Klaudia's results. "She is an exceptional student and we are really proud of her," Miss Loveridge said.

Klaudia, who came with her family to England from Poland when she was four, plans a career in medicine and biology.

"I am really happy and very proud to have achieved this and I know my family were delighted to," Klaudia said.