A GROUP of old friends at a school reunion decided to use their anniversary to raise money for mental health awareness after three former classmates took their own lives.

The 20th anniversary school reunion of Heathfield Community School took place at the end of August at the Cosy Club in Taunton.

The club wanted to use the event to raise money for Mind in Taunton and Somerset, a mental health charity.

They raised more than £200 from the collection on the night.

Susie Thomas, organiser, said: "I recently organised my 20 year school reunion.

"We left Heathfield Community school in 1997, but sadly, since leaving school three of our classmates have taken their own lives, all young men and all when they were in their early 20s.

"As a sign of respect and to remember those classmates we decided to raise money for the charity Mine in Taunton and West Somerset.

"I organised a collection before the reunion and on the night and we raised £202.97."

Andy Pritchard, CEO of Mind Taunton and West Somerset, said: "We were thrilled to have benefitted from the fundraising brought about by this school reunion, it was also a touching way to celebrate the memory of their classmate who had passed away."