A BRIDGWATER couple have reached the amazing milestone of their platinum wedding anniversary.

Frank and Pearle Woulfe, who are aged 96 and 91 respectively, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on Monday, April 24.

Frank is originally from County Kerry in Ireland and moved to Dunball in 1942. He used to drive prisoners of war to work in the surrounding area.

Frank was later employed as a farm worker and then went on to Bonded Fibre before his retirement 38 years ago.

Pearle's family were Antique Dealers for many years and she worked for her father's ice cream parlour before she married Frank.

They met in 1944 when Frank was invited to Pearle’s grandmother's for afternoon tea, so the celebration for the platinum anniversary will be afternoon tea with family and friends.

They have one daughter, Teresa, who lives in Surrey, a grandson and a great-granddaughter who they adore. Teresa said: "Pearle loves to knit and keeps the local cat/dog foundation well supplied with blankets, while Frank likes to meet up with all his friends at St Joseph’s Church, and in fact this is the church they got married in.

"They claim the secret to a long and very happy marriage is give and take, hence this long time achievement."