HILL farmers near Wiveliscombe have set up a campaign to plant 10,000 trees as part of flood prevention in Somerset.

Hedge trees please was set up after the floods of 2013, and the campaign aims to help farmers on the levels.

Lyn Mowat from Westcott Farm who have organised the campaign said: “The floods last year were awful for farmers on the levels who saw their fields turn into an inland sea.

“But a lot of the water came from higher up of course and hill farmers like us saw their streams turned into small rivers filled with red silt.”

The campaign is to plant or establish a tree every hundred meters in the hedgerows.

Lynn added: “We are hoping to plant and save 10,000 trees by Christmas 2014 across Somerset on the hills which will equate to the equivalent of a forest.

“The roots of trees act as a conduit for rain water to flow deep into the ground.

“This will assist in reducing rainwater runoff and erosion of the banks and hedges.

“It isn’t going to stop the flooding, you can’t do that sadly but it will help to reduce how much water flows down.”

On September 6, the farm is holding an open afternoon from 2-6pm where they will be giving away free trial spirals.

They are not asking for any charge or donations, but want people to get involved.

Lyn added: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t own a farm or know anyone who does, because we want everyone living on the hills to help if they can.

“The spirals are to preserve the trees to stop them being trimmed which means they can grow.

“We have already been out putting spirals in some trees and the best time to plant the trees will be in November and December.

“The Woodlands Trust is giving away free trees so if you want to help or just learn a bit more, please do come along.”

To find out more, visit www.hedgetreesplease.com The event will be taking place at Westcott Farm, Brompton Ralph near Wiveliscombe, Somerset, TA4 2SF.