A COUPLE woke up the day after their dream wedding near Bridgwater to find thieves had made off with a box containing money and messages left by guests.

Matthew and Kelly Knight had “the perfect”

wedding reception at Greenway Farm in Wembdon. During the day they had put a typewriter in a marquee, next to the premises, so guests could write personal messages to the happy couple. These, along with around £1,000 of cash gifts, were posted in a red cardboard postbox in the marquee.

Matt, formerly of Bridgwater, his new wife Kelly and their guests then retired for the evening after their special day on August 23, but the next morning discovered the postbox had been taken from the marquee during the night.

Kelly told the Mercury: “I couldn’t quite believe it when we went down at 9am the next morning and realised it was gone. We had the perfect wedding. “At least this didn’t spoil our day. We thought somebody may have moved it at first but then we saw the lip of the postbox on the floor and also realised that there was a gap between the marquee and the building which somebody must have used to steal it.

“I can’t believe that somebody would ruin the first day of our married life together by doing this.”

Kelly and her husband Matthew, who now live in Pilton, are now appealing to the public to see if anyone may have seen the box or any of their messages and may be able to return them.

They believe thieves may have dumped these after making off with the cash.

Best man Damion Chun from Bridgwater said: “It was a big shock. There were guests staying in the field nearby so they even had the cheek to go past them.

“It must be somebody who had been tipped off about the wedding. We just hope somebody may know something about where some of these messages and cards are. They mean nothing to anybody else.”

Owner of Greenway Farm, Martin Felstead, said: “It didn’t ruin their day but it put a bit of a dampener on things the day after. At first we thought it could be a prank but then we phoned the police when we realised it wasn’t. I would have locked the box up if I had been made aware of its contents, but I wasn’t.”

Police are asking witnesses or anybody with information to call them on 101, quoting crime ref number 87894/14.

Anyone who can help Kelly and Matthew retrieve any of their messages should e-mail: kellyexton@hotmail.co.uk