STREET musicians in Taunton are collaborating on an album to raise money for a sound system to aid their performances.

It’s just one of the many projects planned in the coming weeks with the support of TIME for UK, an organisation set up to support local business and talent.

This weekend the organisation is holding an all-day market in Taunton and is inviting any local musicians along to play.

Event organiser Lucinda Ackland said: “We are raising funds for performers in the town so we can house sound equipment and support them without having to hire for each music event we put on.

“This will mean youngsters can come to our markets and busk in a safe environment and promote themselves and their music.

“This is very much a community project that needs to be encouraged and they deserve an audience.”

The group is also hosting a fundraising music event on Friday, September 26, at Miles at the Riverside.