DOG owners in West Somerset are being urged to take advantage of a microchipping offer.

West Somerset Council and the Dogs Trust are working together on a campaign, offering free microchipping.

This will become compulsory for all dog owners in England in 2016.

Cllr Dave Westcott said: “Microchipping is a great way to identify your dog and be reunited with them if they ever became lost. Collars and tags can be lost or removed so microchipping your dog is a permanent and reliable way to identify your pet.

“Responsible dog ownership is all about keeping your dog safe and well, picking up after your dog and following rules on where you can walk your dog and let them off the lead.”

The free microchippping will take place in Wellington Square, Minehead, on Wednesday, September 10, from 10am until 3pm.

The Dogs Trust has more information on microchipping on their website at