ALL Stars sports bar in Taunton played host to a spectacular display of comedy to kickstart the Bank Holiday weekend with generous helpings of laughter.

For starters, everything felt right. The sports bar was the ideal venue – the sort of place where you just know good comedy is born.

Enter Adam Rushton, hilariously crude Liverpudlian and MC for the night, who quickly succeeded in revving the audience up by poking fun at himself and drawing on his ten years in the Navy.

On to the first act and my pick of what was undoubtedly a strong line-up, Pete Phillipson.

Master of hilarious voices and accents that had the crowd gasping between waves of giggles, Pete’s endearing routine highlighted the parts of life that were both ironic and idiotic to great effect.

His 20-minute act was a joy to witness.

Next up was funny mummy Adrienne Coles, who, despite initially portraying a ditsy style of comedy, was in fact brimming with sexual wordplay and rib- tickling audience put-downs.

The Bournemouth comic used her experience as a mum and her divorce well, allowing large chunks of the audience to instantly relate to her gags.

Then we were treated to something completely different with Liam Pickford’s hilariously awkward and unpredictable performance.

His sour and scornful style went down well with an impromptu ramble in his best West Country accent, drawing plenty of laughter and applause as a result.

Finally, headliner Sam Gore told fantastically funny tales of living with his girlfriend, going on nights out with his best mate and inventing his own variant of the German language.

His well spoken and intelligent presentation came to a crescendo as he read his modified and rather bizarre version of popular kids’ book The Gruffalo, which had the room in stitches.

As ever, the crowd was good- natured, lively and supportive of what was an excellent display of good value comedy put on by Taunton Comedy and Genius PR and Events.