HOMEOWNERS in Yeovil are being reminded to keep their windows and doors secure to help beat the burglars.

There have been seven break-ins over the past two weeks where property including laptops, tablets, jewellery and cash has been stolen.

Some properties were insecure, with doors left unlocked and windows open. At one house intruders climbed onto a flat roof and got in through an open first-floor window.

All the burglaries happened in the area of St Michael’s Avenue, Highfield Road, Glenthorne Avenue, Melrose Road and Hill Crest Road.

Yeovil PC Jim Card said: “It’s really important to lock doors and windows when you go out, and even if you’re not in the room. An open door or window is just an invitation to burglars, who often target the rear of properties because they’re less likely to be seen by neighbours.”

He said other advice to deter burglars includes: • Marking property with your postcode and registering items at www.immobilise.com • Installing tracking software on smart phones, laptop and tablet computers • Joining or setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme • Putting small valuables like phones, car keys and wallets safely out of sight of doors and windows • Calling 999 immediately if you see anyone acting suspiciously at a neighbour’s property