A FAWLTY Towers-style sign put up to deter ‘riff raff’ from visiting a spa’s golf course has sparked mixed reactions from would-be guests.

Cedar Falls Spa and Golf Course at Bishops Lydeard insists, however, that the sign, which reads, ‘Cedar Falls Golf, Open to Non-Residents, No Riff Raff’, is “tongue in cheek”, and should be taken lightly.

But one critic, writing on Trip Advisor, said: “The sign outside, which reads: No Riff Raff – honestly it does – should make you think twice about Cedar Falls.

“Are you welcome? Are you sure? How do you know if you're Riff Raff? If you're 80% posh and 20% ordinary might you be verging on Riffraffery without even knowing?”

Richard Smith, manager at Cedar Falls, told the County Gazette: “The banner was put up to encourage new players to our challenging golf course.

“Although the ‘No Riff Raff’ comment is tongue in cheek, St Andrew’s rules do apply, and everyone has taken it in very good humour as was intended.

“We do not require you to have a handicap but a certain standard of dress is expected. If you are arriving in anything other than an Aston or a Bentley, you may be asked to park around the back!”

Somerset County Councillor Mike Rigby, of the Lydeard Division, said: “Most golf courses do have their own dress codes, for example, so it’s probably a little bit more in your face than some people are used to.

“I assumed it was a joke, having seen it weeks ago.”

Heather Ellison-Nash, of Pixford Fruit Farm, said: “I’m completely unbothered by it – I have taken it light-heartedly.”

But another Bishops Lydeard resident, who didn’t want to be named, countered: “I don’t think it’s very funny because people can take it the wrong way. It’s discrimination.

“I know some millionaires who look like ruffians or ‘riff-raff’, and they have all the money in the world. How would you tell?”