MORE businesses in Bridgwater have signed up for a mentoring scheme to help boost their trading power in a challenging market.

The one-to-one mentoring scheme helps small firms deal with the growing problem of how to stay in business with strong pressure from the internet and big supermarkets.

Following the successful WorldHost – training course, which was attended by 17 staff from 12 businesses, Bridgwater Town Team is delighted that 21 more local independent retailers have come on board to get extra support.

A spokesperson from Bridgwater Town Team says: “Small businesses face continual pressure from both the internet and larger retailers.

“These days there are less customers walking past the store, so promoting products and expertise is essential to continue to grow sales.”

A business coaching professional, who might often be beyond the budget of a small business, was booked to deliver a local scheme for only £25 from each business.

Nick Lowe of Greenbus Business Coaching said: “I have spent an enjoyable month meeting an interesting and diverse group of local business owners. They showed enthusiasm and commitment to maintaining Bridgwater as a hub for local retail entrepreneurs.

“Working together rather than in isolation would be an appropriate strategy to face the challenges of today’s retail environment.”