PEOPLE sacked unfairly or who are not paid their full wages are often failing to take action following the introduction of employment tribunal fees.

Liz Fothergill, chief officer at Taunton and District Citizens Advice Bureau, said the number of clients seeking advice on employment issues was down 23% in January to March on the same period last year. It follows the Government’s introduction of fees of up to £1,200 in July 2013.

Mrs Fothergill said: “We see people visiting us after employers have failed to pay their wages or dismissed them without good reason.

“People do not realise that, depending on their financial situation, they may be able to get help to pay all or part of the fees and we would like to tell clients there is financial help available.”

Anyone wishing information on how to proceed with an employment claim should contact Taunton CAB at St Mary’s House, Magdalene Street.