IT WAS flowers and produce galore at West Somerset College on Saturday (August 9) for Minehead's annual flower show.

Plenty of visitors and entrants made their way to the show to check out all that was on offer.

Show manager Derek Blay, thanked all who had worked hard to prepare the hall.

This year, 103 people entered the show, with 628 entries between them. Geoff Fuller, president of Minehead and District Gardeners Association, thanked the many businesses in the town for their sponsorship.

Minehead Mayor, cllr Les Smith presented the cups.

Below are this year's results:

The Dennis Holmes Cup for the Association member with the most points - Beryl Priddle

The Arthur Brown Cup for the best collection of vegetables - Ken Bawden

The Skilton Cup for the most points for vegetables - Robert Forgan;

The Sidney James Cup for the best dish of potatoes - Robert Forgan

The Webber Memorial Trophy for the best exhibit of fruit - Robert Forgan

The Garden Lovers Cup for the most points for fruit -Gordon Holt

The Samuel Cup for the most points in Section A - Robert Forgan

The Presidents Cup for the runner-up in Section A - Eddie Parry

The Stroud Cup for the most points for flowers - Robert Forgan

The Bailey Cup for the best exhibit of carnations -Doreen Fuller

The Amanda Cup for the best exhibit of roses - Eddie Parry

The F J Bulley Trophy for the best exhibit in dahlia classes -Robert Forgan

The Boyall Cup for the best sweet pea exhibit -Robert Forgan

The Jean Ryall Cup for the best plant in a pot -Barbara Hughes

The Poyntz Cup for the most points in the Decorative section - Lucy Parker

The Lutterell Cup for the best exhibit in the Decorative secton - Lucy Parker

The Phillip Watkins Cup for the most points in the Homecraft section - Suzanna Matthews

The Butterflies Trophy for the best exhibit in the Homecraft section - Lucy Parker

The Minehead Guild of Winemakers Trophy for the most points in the Wine section -Andrew Bristow

The Daisy Chain Cup for the best exhibit in the Handicraft section -Janet Richards

The Sir Arthur C Clarke Cup for the best greenhouse/conservatory plant -Margaret Powell

The S & A Linens Trophy for the most points in the Handicraft section - Janet Richards

The J & E Bulley Trophy for the best exhibit in the Visual Arts section - Ann Churchill

The Langdon Trophy for the best flowering begonia - Peter Batchelor

The Exmoor Division Cup for the most points in the Honey section -Anthony Richards

The Gordon Townsend Cup for the runner-up in the Honey section - Alan Nelson

The Gardeners Association Cup for the best orchid - Derek Blay;

The Children's Cup for the most points in the Children's section - Elizabeth Towells

The Minehead Town Cup for the exhibitor with the most points - Robert Forgan

The Peter Lappage Cup for the most points for Class AS Robert Forgan

The results of the show follow in 1st, 2nd, 3rd order as follows:-


Class AS for allotment holders only - R Forgan; B Jehu; S Matthews;

Collection of Vegetables - K Bawden; G Fuller; R Forgan;

White potatoes - R Forgan; K Bawden G Fuller;

Coloured potatoes - R Forgan; K Bawden; G Fuller;

Long carrots - R Forgan;

Stump rooted carrots - R Forgan; K Bawden;

Onions - R Forgan; L Puxley; K Bawden;

Giant Onion - R Forgan; D Towells; Shallots - B Priddle; R Gande; D Blay;

Peas - R Forgan; D Albutt;

Runner beans - R Forgan; G Holt; M Bainbridge;

Longest runner bean - G Holt;

Dwarf beans - R Forgan; R Orpin; E Parry;

Parsnips - R Forgan; J Moon; K Bawden;

Tomatoes - R Forgan; L Puxley; E Parry;

Truss tomatoes - E Parry; R Forgan; R Gande;

Courgettes - E Parry; G Holt; J Collins;

Cucumbers - R Forgan; G Fuller; J Bird;

Lettuce - B Priddle; R Forgan; G Fuller;

Marrow - R Forgan; D Towells; E Parry;

Heaviest marrow - R Forgan;

Beetroot - G Fuller; K Bawden; R Forgan;

Cabbage - R Forgan;

Rhubarb - G Fuller; R Orpin; T Brady;

Any other vegetable - G Holt; R Forgan; B Priddle;

Ugliest Vegetable - D Albutt; B Priddle; G Holt; V

ase of herbs - J Ward; S Matthews; G Holt;


Raspberries - D Blay; G Fuller;

Any other soft fruit - R Forgan; J Burt; E Parry;

Dessert apples - M Pretty; B Priddle; D Albutt;

Culinary apples - G Holt; R Gande; B Priddle;

Plums - L Puxley; G Holt; T Brady;

Pears - D Albutt; T Brady; K Bawden;

Any other fruit - B Priddle; K Rowland; G Holt;

FLOWERS Penstemons - D Fuller;

Hardy perennials - D Blay; K Moon; H Rowland;

Pompom dahlias - J Moon; P Batchelor;

C Horsfield Ball dahlias - P Batchelor; J Moon; R Forgan;

Small decorative dahlias - R Forgan; P Batchelor; B Priddle ;

Medium decorative - dahlias R Forgan; E Parry; B Priddle;

Large decorative dahlias J Moon; B Priddle;

Cactus dahlias - R Forgan; J Moon; G Holt;

Single rose - D Powell; E Parry; S Kuhlmann;

Roses - E Parry; A Gee; D Powell;

Floribunda rose - E Parry; G Holt; D Powell;

Vase roses - D Blay; E Parry; K Moon;

Pansies - R Forgan; G Holt;

Asters - D Towells; E Parry; K Moon;

Vase annuals - 3 kinds - D Powell; K Moon; G Holt;

Gladiola - E Parry; A Gee; D Towells;

Carnations - D Fuller;

One colour sweet peas - R Forgan; D Lowman; L Puxley;

Mixed sweet peas - D Lowman; R Forgan; L Puxley;

Shrubs - 2 kinds - D Powell; B Glossop; H Rowland;

Hydrangea - S Bainbridge; B Brady; K Bawden;

Begonia - P Batchelor; M Powell;

Flowering plant - M Powell; L Parker;

Fuchsia - K Moon; J Bird;

A foliage plant - B Hughes; M Sayer; S Towells;

Exotic plant - M Powell;

Orchid- - D Blay; D Powell; M Powell;

A Cactus - I Ward; G Holt; B Brady;


Arrangement in a tea cup J Bird; B Brady; L Puxley;

Floating flowers - L Parker; E Towells;

Arrangement for a golden wedding - L Parker; B Priddle; I Wood;

Arrangement in most unusual container - B Brady; L Parker; B Priddle;


Light honey - A Nelson; A Richards;

Medium/dark honey - A Richards; P Batchelor; A Nelson;

Granulated/creamed honey - A Nelson; R Fox;

Shallow frame for extracting - A Richards; M Freegard;

Beeswax exhibit - A Richards;


Jam - D Fuller; L Puxley; S Towells; J

elly - C Blay; L Puxley; S Towells;

Marmalade - B Priddle; R Gande; J Collins;

Lemon curd - L Puxley; R Gande; J Bird;

Chutney - B Priddle; R Gande; S Towells;

Hand made bread - J Moon; S Matthews; J Burt;

Machine made bread - D Brain-Smith; D Fuller; M Sayer;

A Cheesecake - L Parker; R Gande; S Williams;

Quiche - H Rowland; S Matthews; R Gande;

6 biscuits - S Matthews; S Bainbridge; C Blay;

Plain scones - E Bristow; H Rowland; B Priddle;

Cheese scones - S Matthews; S Bainbridge; A Robinson;

Rock cakes - B Priddle; E Bristow; C Blay;

Chocolate brownies - I Williams; R Gande; J Orpin;

Shortbread - L Parker; S Matthews; R Gande;

A dish of homemade sweets - T Williams

Coffee Sponge B Hughes; J Bird; S Matthews;

Cake made with a vegetable - P Brown; B Brady; J Bird and S Matthews were 3rd equals;


Dry white wine - G Blackford; J Burt; A Bristow;

Sweet white wine - A Bristow; J Burt;

Medium rose wine - A Bristow;

Dry red wine - G Blackford; A Bristow; J Burt;

Sweet red wine - A Bristow; G Blackford; J Burt;

Vodka based liqueur - S Towells; A Bristow; G Blackford;

Kit based liqueur - A Bristow;


Tapestry - K Moon;

Knitted garment - H Rowland; M Sayer; M Gross;

Papercraft card - B Brady; K Moon; L Parker;

Cross stitch - J Richards; S Freegard; B Stevens;

Hand made jewellery - F Hobdell; T Williams; B Stevens;

An item of patchwork - L Puxley; K Bryant; M Sayer;

A hand made bag - J Richards; B Brady; L Birch;

SECTION G (VISUAL ARTS) A painting in any medium - E Churchill; T Frost; B Jehu;

Photograph- Wild Flowers- - M Murphy; P Leather; J Orpin;

Photograph - A Sunset- J Batt; B Brady; P Batt;

Pen/ink/pencil drawing - A Parry; I Blackford; M Jones;

Item in leather/wood/pottery - D Powell; G Holt; I Ward;


Animal from veg/plant - E Towells; C Towells; L Hobdell;

A decorated flower pot - E Towells; L Hobdell; C Towells;

3 gingerbread people- C Towells; L Hobdell; E Towells;