MOORLAND residents who were hit by the devastating floods face living in caravans, mobile homes and temporary accommodation until the winter.

It has been over six months since Somerset saw large parts of the region submerged in flood water, with many losing valuable items and being forced to seek refuge away from their properties.

The Mercury visited the village this week and spoke to some of the residents who have been living in alternative accommodation close by.

Sally Vize, who lives at Church Farm, Moorland, lives in a mobile home in her garden.

She said: “We’ve been used to a big home and this is smaller and a bit basic, but a home is a home so I’m grateful for that.

“My daughter lives in Cannington with her children but I wanted to be here every day.

I’d feel lost not knowing what’s going on.

“We have had electricity here even after the floods hit so it’s ok and I’m grateful we haven’t had to move like so many others.

“I’m the fourth generation of the family to live here and this is the worst it has been; we moved out of the house around March/April time and we’re not expected back in now until Christmas.”

Paul Selway, of Church Street, Moorland, said: “We moved out on February 7 and we’ve been living at Fairways Caravan Park since then.

“It’s only recently that I’ve been coming back staying for a few nights