SHINY results, supportive leadership, a happy spirit and a rising school population can only mean one thing: Rockwell Green Primary School is getting bigger.

That’s the message from outgoing head Peter Williamson, who said goodbye after 20 years at the school at the close of the summer term.

There are two-fold challenges facing the school, said Mr Williamson, and the first is a fact of the profession.

“Change – government legislation and initiatives seem to change almost by the week,” he said, “and getting the school where you want it to be and keeping it there.”

“Luckily, our team – a hugely experienced team – has been together a few years now, and that has made a huge difference, especially to team building.

“I just can’t praise them enough.”

With Wellington’s population on the rise the school is inevitably looking at how it is going to house its future, broadening intake.

“There are 185 children enrolled and growing,” said Peter.

“Wellington’s growing and the school’s growing in popularity with some amazing inspection reports in the past 18 months. I think it’s going to have to expand.

“We were re-modelled last summer because it was an older, 1970s open-plan school, but it now has a much better learning environment.

“We’re opening in September with 186 pupils – they said we’d never get past 181 – but I’m sure it won’t be too long before another class is created.”

Peter’s replacement, Morwenna Dunstan, used to be his deputy, and it’s the same with another Rockwell Green teacher, Marie Goddard, who is taking over as deputy head.

Mr Williamson said: “I’m delighted that Morwenna is taking over. Obviously, we put the post out through national advertising and followed recruitment procedure, but she came through.

“She has been my deputy for five years now, while Marie I appointed fresh out of college.

“They’ve both excelled and I couldn’t be happier about Rockwell Green’s future.”

With September nearing the Rockwell Green ‘family’ is also looking forward to getting snapping with Mr Williamson’s shiny new leaving present – a digital camera.

OFSTED points:

  • Supportive leadership of the head teacher, who has built a strong team who work together to help pupils make good progress.
  • The strong links that have been developed between the pre-school and the school, along with the positive leadership of the Early Years Foundation Stage, has helped children settle into the school well and make good progress.
  • Disabled pupils and those with special educational needs are supported well by giving them work that is planned at the right level.
  • The school has also ensured that there are several trained adults in each class to help disabled pupils and those with special educational needs make good progress.
  • Teaching is good because all the staff are given opportunities to be trained to develop their skills. The school also makes sure that teachers support one another so that there is a sharing of good teaching skills.
  • The pupils behave well and feel safe in the school. - FEBRUARY 2013