ANGER is growing over vandals who are attacking schools, play areas and other public spaces in Minehead.

The latest incident this week saw bottles and glass strewn over the field and playground at St Michael’s Primary School.

A caretaker and volunteers had to clean up on Tuesday morning, and a warning was sent out to families planning to use the newly-opened swimming pool to watch out for broken glass.

A fortnight ago, broken glass was left on play equipment at the Irnham Road recreation ground, while there have also been reports of vandals targeting the bowling club and the park in King George Road, and tearing up floral displays in the town.

Tracey Sweetland, of the St Michael’s Parent Teacher Association, labelled the vandals who targeted the school overnight on Monday as “mindless” and said the broken bottles had caused a hazard.

There was strong reaction on social media in Minehead with Facebook users criticising the vandals and highlighting other similar incidents.

Rachel Coles wrote: “Makes me sick – have these people got nothing better to do? “It’s the same in the park in King George Road. Cans, broken bottles and, my friend said, used needles.

“I’m afraid some parts of town are being used by a few idiots who don’t care what they do.”

Minehead Town Council spokeswoman Sue Sanders said: “The council spent over £50,000 on new play equipment and in Irnham Road we’ve had to put anti-vandal paint on the toilet roof to stop people throwing bottles at the bowling club.

“It’s soul-destroying when floral displays in the town are torn up.”

Town councillor Valerie Welch said: “I’m appalled that people are doing this – as a council we’ve spent a lot of money on the play areas.”

Fellow town councillor Gary Miele said the problem was not unique to Minehead.

He said: “The vandalism at the school concerns a lot of people because it’s used regularly. “The police are doing all they can and their detection rate is very good.”