PURITON has its own shooting star, thanks to David Luckman who has won double Commonwealth gold.

David, who won both the full-bore rifle pairs and individual events, started shooting as a Puriton schoolboy.

The 38-year-old took the Queen’s Prize pairs with teammate Parag Patel and then won the individual event several days later at the Glasgow games.

His father Ian today said he was immensely proud of his son who started shooting at around 11 years old when he was a pupil at Chilton Trinity School in Bridgwater.

Ian said: “What he achieved particularly in the individual event was awesome and was one of the best things I have ever seen in shooting.

“He was four points clear of his nearest rival which is amazing as usually it’s just a fraction of a point.”

Mr Luckman, who still lives in Puriton with his wife, Jill, added that he himself had been a member of Burnham- based Sedgemoor Target Shooting Club for many years, and had encouraged both his sons – David and his older brother Andy – to have a go.

He added: “David took to it like a duck to water and Andy has also been very successful, winning bronze at the Commonwealth Games in Malaysia. I’m a very proud dad.

“David is still a member of the Burnham club. We have to travel to shoot as it’s done at a very long range and you need a suitable site.”

Mr Luckman added that the conditions for his son had been very tough as the kind of shooting which is done at a target about 1,000 yards or two-thirds of a mile away was very much affected by the weather.

He added that the weather can mean it’s very difficult to meet what is effectively the bullseye, measuring only about 20 inches, with the wind buffeting his attempts sometimes five feet off a straight course.

David lives in Bristol now with his wife, Susie, three-year-old son Thomas and baby Sophie “but he still comes back to visit his old mum and dad,”

added Mr Luckman.

“David himself is quite reticent about his string of achievements but what he has done is remarkable. He must be the best in the world at his sport at the moment.”