A MOVING First World War exhibition in North Curry has "almost reduced people to tears", says one of the men behind it.

The chairman of the North Curry Society, Alan Billinghurst, said 200 men left the village to fight in the war, and the exhibition in the village church aims to tell part of their story.

Mr Billinghurst said: "The art work has been very effective and was very well received; it almost reduced people to tears.

"We have 20 names on the (village war) memorial; in actual fact 200 people left North Curry and have never been given recognition.

"It mustn’t happen again and we must never forget."

The exhibition boasts displays by the Willows and Wetlands Centre, whose products were used for aircraft seats, shell cases, pigeon baskets and stretchers during the war.

Pupils from North Curry Primary School prepared a panel which was displayed at the annual school leavers’ service the previous week, which publicity officer David Walker believes has helped educate all involved.

"The children were already familiar from their school lessons with the events of the Second World War", he said. "Less than 20 years separated the wars, and it has been illuminating to disentangle the two."

Mr Walker also said the children have also learned more clearly how their families were affected during the war.

He added: "There was a good turnout for the opening from the village and the parishes beyond, and we will be pleased to welcome visitors during the following days."

The exhibition began on Monday and will run 9.30am to 6.30pm each day until Tuesday (August 5).

For more information call 01823-490421 or email alsheb224@btinternet.com.