A QUIRKY hit West End puppet musical drew packed-out crowds to Bridgwater Arts Centre last week, with Pinstripe Productions latest experimental challenge, Avenue Q.

The Tony Award-winning show has been likened to ‘Sesame Street for adults’ – a striking image if ever there was one.

And Pinstripe’s production, which took just 12 weeks to bring together, certainly seemed to hit the right note with the audience, if the explosions of laughter night after night is anything to go by.

Bridgwater-born Ed Creswick played Princeton, the struggling college graduate who gets a shock to the system as the harsh reality of New York hits him right between the eyes.

Ed told the Mercury: “It’s been really, really good, and the audiences have come along either having heard a bit about the show, or not at all – they have just laughed from start to finish.

“Princeton’s probably the straight man compared to the other characters, who are full-on joke after joke, and he gets some very funny lines. There’s some good, chunky dialogue in this production, and some fantastic songs.”

The puppets are what makes Avenue Q so unique of course, and at £1,000 a pop, they came with their own puppet mistress, responsible for their proper handling.

The colourful characters even swiped the main dressing room, booting out their living, breathing, counterparts into the wings to get ready.

Ed, who took on Avenue Q fresh from his run in the Witches of Eastwick at Weston’s Playhouse Theatre, said the experience of the show was going to stay with him.

“I’ve done 80 or 90 shows over the years, and Avenue Q is definitely one of those that will stay with me a little bit.”

James Tucker, director of Bridgwater Operatic Society, who founded Pinstripe with the late Brian Buttle, said his crack team had done themselves proud.

“Because they are hand picked – they’re not a society – this is probably the most talented bunch I’ve ever worked with in one single group.

“We’ve achieved something a little bit different and I’m buzzing with pride about that.”

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