THE end of term at Minehead Middle School was celebrated in style as over 150 year 5, 6 and 7 pupils received certificates, medals, cups and trophies.

The awards were handed out at the school’s annual prize-giving ceremony on July 17 with proud parents, families, staff and special guests on hand.

Awards were given to the highest attainers, those making the most improvement and those who put in the greatest effort in each curriculum subject.

Certificates were also awarded to the most helpful children in each tutor group, and several awards were made to the school and pupils’ sporting achievements.

Among the winners were Freya Jenkinson and Guy Milton-Jenkins for the highest SATs results in year 6, while Lucy Ludlam was handed the Most Outstanding Pupil award for 2014.

County honours were awarded to Hannah Delbridge for Somerset Cricket U13 Girls, Charlotte Enright for Somerset Athletics, Rob Speed for SW England Hockey, David Morris for Somerset Archery and Bethany Baker for Devon Golf.

The girls’ cricket team at the school was awarded the Mary Martin Cup for Minehead Middle School’s ‘Team of the Year’ , while Hannah Delbridge was given the Sports Personality of the Year award.

The head boy and girl roles for the next school year were awarded to Ben Mouzouri and Holly Ambler with Archie Voxx-Bark and Anna Ross named as their deputies.

The students were given gold ties and badges ahead of starting their roles in September. 

Full list of results:

Cups and trophies were awarded as follows:

Highest SATs results attainer in Yr 6:   Freya Jenkinson & Guy Milton-Jenkins

The Haines Award for Contribution to the Community:  Alfie Martin, Emily Hayes & Holly Donaghy

Best Contribution to the Success of Yr 5:   Daisy Hickson

Best Contribution to the Success of Yr 6:   Sophie Wood & Guy Milton-Jenkins

Best Contribution to the Success of Yr 7:   Ben Mouzouri

The England Family Honours Cup for  Special Endeavours in Yr 5:  Chloe Bray

Most Outstanding Pupil 2014:   Lucy Ludlam

There were also several awards made for the school’s and pupil’s sporting achievements:

County Honours : 

Somerset Cricket U13 Girls: Hannah Delbridge

Somerset Athletics: Charlotte Enright

SW England Hockey: Rob Speed

Somerset Archery: David Morris

Devon Golf: Bethany Baker


Mary Martin Cup for MMS ‘Team of the Year’ :  awarded to the Girl’s Cricket Team

Footballers of the Year:   Charlie Disney & Briony Smith (lower school) & Cody Truscott (Yr 7)

Rugby Players of the Year: Wills Walsh (lower school) & Archie Voss-Bark (Yr 7)

Athletes of the Year: Taylor Harris (lower school) & Jack Haran (Yr 7)  

Netball Players of the Year: Freya Jenkinson (lower school) & Rosie Kean (Yr 7)

Hockey Player of the Year:   Jodie Hodges (Yr 7)

Cricketers of the Year: Christie Hawker (lower school) & Holly Ambler (Yr 7)

Outstanding Young Leaders 2014: Charlie Dodd, Eden Hines & India Hopkins


Contribution to the Sporting Success of the Year:

Year 5: Isabel Ambler & Henry Murrell                                                       

Year 6: Holy Donaghy & Ethan Plenty

Year 7: Libi Todd & Archie Campbell

Year 8: Becky Webb & Alfie Martin


Sports Personality of the Year 2014 -  Hannah Delbridge


Gold ties and badges were presented to next year’s Head Boy and Girl and their deputies:

Ben Mouzouri   Head Boy

Holly Ambler  Head Girl

Archie Voss-Bark   Deputy

Anna Ross    Deputy