THE Minehead Vision Group isn’t worth keeping, a town councillor claims.

Cllr Marcus Kravis says the group is just another level of “unnecessary bureaucracy” not doing what it is supposed to.

He said: “I know how hard individuals work in that group and don’t think anyone should resign because I’m not critical of individuals, but what has the group done?

“I don’t think the group’s doing what it’s supposed to. I’ve seen no vision plan for Minehead’s future – if someone has one please share it as I’d love to see it.

“We have a district council, the town council, the Development Trust, the Vision Group – it’s just another level of bureaucracy we don’t need.

“When you’ve got businesses reporting that they’re down on trade by 20-30% and you look around the town and see how quiet it is, it’s not promising.

“I know what Minehead needs – it isn’t rocket science.”

A West Somerset Council spokesman said the Vision Group was very active, adding: “The group adds value to a myriad of multi-stake holder activity. “It has recently refreshed its action plan, which is about to go out to public consultation.

"It has had oversight and helped to steer activity undertaken by the Minehead Vision Manager.

“Projects it has undertaken include the Regal lift project, refurbishment of the Blenheim Gardens bandstand, business grants pots and events funding.”

West Somerset councillor Mandy Chilcott, chair of the Vision Group, recently came under fire for supposedly saying the town had enough visitors.

Bed and breakfast owner Warren Eglese said he was told by Cllr Chilcott Minehead had plenty of people coming in.

He said: “I’m sure Mandy works very hard, but we don’t have enough visitors – all the bed and breakfasts are seeing a decline in business. “We love Minehead and we want to see it thriving.”

But Cllr Chilcott said her words had been twisted.

She said: “It can be upsetting when you get comments like this – the Vision Group and the council are working really hard to get more visitors to the town.

“We do a lot to help businesses – the council runs workshops, business mentoring seminars and much more. “All I said was many of the bigger hotels Minehead had a long time ago are gone.

“We want more visitors coming to Minehead and we’re doing what we can to make this happen.”

Robin Buxton, whon used to be a frequent visitor to Minehead wrote to the Gazette saying he has detected a decline in things to do.

Mr Buxton added: "My grandchildren ask, 'where can we swim, go bowling, go the cinema,' the answer is nowhere in Minehead unless you stay in Butlin's which is not everyone's choice.

"I had once intended to move to Minehead, with the possibility of opening a small business.

"I was struck by the decline in visitors and so decided against it, which is a pity but I felt it didn't have too much to offer.

"Perhaps Minehead Vision Group should take note of what ex-visitors, current visitors, and local guest house owners are telling them

"I feel that Minehead deserves to be re-vitalised, it is a lovely, pretty little town, and it will be a great shame to deteriorate it further."