WESTONZOYLAND Carnival Club is appealing to builders, bricklayers and suppliers to help them create a new £60,000 base.

The club’s old base behind the village hall was about 60 years old and has been demolished to make way for a new, bigger, better building to store the club’s cart and equipment.

The club, celebrating its 54th anniversary, will have been fundraising for three years in 2015 and expects to have racked up £60,000 for the project.

Cart captain Chris Burge told the Mercury: “We see this project as investing in the club for the next 50 years.

“The only grant money we had was £500 from the local parish council.

“I’m a parish councillor for Westonzoyland, so I’m glad the council could help.

“The rest has come out of our own money and fundraising. 

“We’re appealing for help from local builders and bricklayers who might want to donate their time and skills to help build the base.

“We also want to hear from any local materials suppliers who could, perhaps, give us a discount.”
The new building will mean more room, and will be waterproofed and safer, and the club hopes it will help improve its carnival entries in the long run.

Chris said: “We’re re-using last year’s tractor and generator with a recycled cart for this year’s entry to save money.

“It will be a second-hand cart, but a brand new shed.

“The most important thing is to take part in carnival, so we’re definitely coming out this year, even if it’s walking!”

To donate or help, visit westonzoyland cc.co.uk or call chairman Tim Martin on 01278-691382.