MINEHEAD residents are continuing to express their dislike for a project earmarked for the town’s seafront to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The County Gazette reported how a Facebook page was set up to ‘Stop the Minehead Clock Tower’.

The project to build a clock tower is aimed to be up and running by the end of this year, two and half years after its planned completion.

Organisers said a lack of funds has led to the delay and have had to change their original plans. Proposals for a smaller and less elaborate clock tower have now been submitted to West Somerset Council.

Over 100 residents have taken to the planning application and to the Facebook group to object to the tower.

Writing on the application, Graham Lawrence said: “A well intentioned but fundamentally flawed project.

“There is no need to add to the clutter in this area and it goes against the ground swell of public opinion. “It is of no aesthetic or practical value.”

There were also fears for the safety of pedestrians.

Also objecting, Mark Curran added: “Another obstruction to the already cluttered seafront area.

“Would be dangerous to partially sighted or blind persons.

“There are already too many ornaments and other items of street furniture in the locality.

Others believe the clock will be an asset to town. 

John Hellis from Taunton said: “I’m a regular visitor to Minehead and I say build the clock tower.

“Ignore those who just want the boring old Minehead, they do not want tourists, they do not want anything that changes the town.

“It’s only a small number of people who have posted on the Facebook page and they all seem to want it.”

Writing on the County Gazette website, Somerset_BTGOG added: “I like it, whenever I’m in Minehead I always find myself looking for a clock to see if it’s time to go home.”

Derek Webb, treasurer of the project, said: “This project was an effort to try and improve the environment of Minehead.

“We are sorry some people felt strongly enough to express their disapproval the way they did.”

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