STUDENTS at Robert Blake Science College have brought new life to their newsletter thanks to hard work and a fresh look.

A small group meets in the the library every week to create the Robert Blake Bulletin – which is news “made by students for students”.

THE newsletter has come a long way since its early days, progressing from basic black and white printed news released every three months. But the college decided on a fresh look with colour, imagery and frequent news updates.

Claire Baker, who helps the students run the Robert Blake Bulletin, said: “We wanted to print something a bit more exciting that would engage the students and get them involved in extra activities.

“The new newsletter has been running since September and the students find news from around the college for news on academic, sport and social events. We have regular news pieces on ‘Blake’s Got Talent’ and ‘Scientist of the Week’ to promote different kinds of students.”

I spoke to a group of 15-year-old students about why they decided to get involved.

Georgina Kirby said: “It sounded interesting so I decided to apply to help out with the others and we were given a trial.”

Libby Heal said: “I think it’s good because we get to find out what’s happening around the school and get the gossip.”

Keeley Richardson said: “It builds confidence and improves social skills in different situations.”
Ruby Depledge said: “I like it as it gives you extra responsibilities and we get the chance to put more stories and information into the school.”

Shannon Fitzpatrick said: “It’s really helped improve my grammar and I think it’s good that we all help each other.”

Robert Blake Science College’s motto is “Learning for tomorrow’s world” and, from what I saw during my visit, these students are building a strong set of skills to set them up for a brighter future.