VOLUNTEERS got their hands dirty to tidy up Minehead seafront ready for the busy tourist season.

Dead plants and weeds were pulled up and grass verges cut because it was feared its shabby appearance could put off visitors.

Town councillor Gail Everett carried out the work along with an army of volunteers and staff from the Butlin’s holiday resort.

Afterwards, she told the County Gazette: “The Butlin’s brigade left the camp and headed for Seaward Way tasked with cutting as much grass and clearing as many weeds as possible – and they did a fantastic job.

“They worked tirelessly all day and cut every bit of grass they could find – including two roundabouts – and pulled out tons of weeds.”

With the end of the school term approaching, Minehead is preparing for an influx of thousands of holidaymakers.

Cllr Everett came up with the tidy up idea after noticing the lack of cutting and general maintenance by West Somerset Council (WSC).

Worried visitors might get the wrong impression of the seaside town, she decided to take matters into her own hands and recruited volunteers Chrissie Henry, Sandra Collins and husband Tony to spruce up Trinity Way footpath.

“Our main aim was to clear the bed next to the Old Vic on Warren Road,” said Cllr Everett.

“We did this and left behind five huge piles of weeds for WSC to collect. Unfortunately, we also left behind a great deal of dead shrubbery that will need replacing.

“Chrissie and I then continued to work our way along the footpath hoping to meet up with the guys from Butlin’s – but this never happened as there was so much to do we only covered about a quarter of the footpath.”

Cllr Everett thanked everyone who helped out for doing the town proud.