PENSIONERS in Bridgwater have hit out at a bus company after they were left waiting in the rain for services that never turned up.

Geoffrey and Greta Cresswell, of Eastern Avenue, told the Mercury a group of pensioners were left standing in the rain for half an hour after the Webber Bus D service from Bridgwater Community Hospital to Eastern Avenue failed to turn up on time on Friday, June 27.

Greta said: “It didn’t arrive and we waited for about half an hour. There were seven people waiting for it at the time.

“Some people tried to get the C service – but that one didn’t turn up either.”

Geoffrey added: “We were just trying to get to town to do our shopping. I’m 88 and we rely on public transport to get around.

“Not having a reliable bus service makes it hard to do basic things like the grocery shopping or get to hospital appointments.”

The Cresswells called Webber Bus on the same day to complain but said they were given no explanation as to why the bus did not arrive.

A spokesman for Webber Bus said: “Due to excessive traffic congestion caused by Glastonbury festival and the subsequent closure of the motorway, delays were experienced across the whole of our network.

“All services were running but unacceptably delayed. In addition we have been experiencing service delivery problems over the last week or so as a result of driver shortages.

“We have been very busy recruiting and expect to be at full complement shortly.

“Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience these service disruptions have caused.”