AS 175,000 Glastonbury festivalites piled out of Worthy Farm, one Puriton army made their way in to make a killing on the wealth of camping gear left behind.

Neglected tents, chairs, wellington boots … all were collected by the energetic team behind Puriton’s Party in the Park.

One way or another the haul will bring a big boost to the community music event on Saturday, August 16.

Co-organiser Alan Scott told the Mercury: “We picked up a million fold-up chairs, gazebos, pop-up tents, blow-up air beds, you name it ... we brought back a trolley-load.

“Going up on the Tuesday after Glastonbury is a big experience for us, and driving past the big stages, even though there’s no-one on them, you just go ‘My God, Dolly Parton was there.

“We got there at 8am and left at 2pm – we were Wombles! It’s brilliant.”

Tents will be transformed into bunting; wellington boots will be power-washed for local Oxfam shops while other items will be sold off in aid of the Puriton event.

The gang met other community, church groups and charities at the world-famous Pilton music festival site.

“A lot of people just don’t know it’s possible,” said Alan.

“We found out we could apply to do it through word of mouth.

“There were 300 locust pickers working across the field ... we’d never seen anything like it. It’s military precision – just so efficient and brilliant.”

Puriton’s Party in the Park music event next month opens with a village fete from 2pm until 6pm, followed by an evening of music from 6pm until 10pm, topped off by North Petherton band The Thatchers.

All the money raised is for the Puriton community – to get in touch about the Glastonbury haul look for Puriton Party in the Park on Facebook.