A SINGER who performed a gig in Taunton has thanked the town’s Mayor and Mayoress for putting her up for the night.

Sophie Hosken-Taylor travelled from Bristol to sing at an acoustic night at CICCIC in Paul Street, but hadn’t made arrangements for her return home.

She was expecting to have to wait at Taunton train station until the morning, but luckily Mayor and Mayoress Dave and Renee Durdan, who had watched Sophie perform at CICCIC, heard of her plight and offered her a bed, as well as throwing in a hot meal.

Sophie said: “I hadn't really made a proper plan. Originally, I was just going to wait by the train station until the next morning where I'd catch the train at half eight.

“I've done similar stints before where I've ended up having to wait in various places until transport started running again. London was the scariest.”

Of the Mayor and Mayoress’ generosity, Sophie said: “It was surreal, I felt incredibly lucky. I suppose it was just being in the right place at the right time, but they were both so welcoming and really looked after me.

“I'd never even been to Taunton before, so it became extra special.”