CRIME in Wellington dropped to a four-year low for June, latest police figures show.

Stats have revealed there were 29 recorded incidents throughout the month, compared to 30 in 2013, 34 in 2012 and 31 in 2011.

There were also five fewer crimes than there were during May.

Criminal damage to vehicles was a common theme during the month with five crimes recorded, up three on the previous month, Sgt Mark Vicary's police report said.

Yobs smashed a wing mirror and windows, slashed tyres and scratched paintwork, with one offender prosecuted in relation to several of the incidents.

Flowers in Wellington Park were also victims of vandalism but Sgt Vicary said offenders are hard to trace as the area is locked at night and nobody is overlooking it.

An investigation is also underway into a burglary at a home in Rockwell Green in which jewellery was stolen.

Bike thefts were up by one, with cycles stolen from Swallowfield, outside Asda and one from a house pathway.

Shoplifting offences were down two to three for the month. Two of the thefts took place at Asda, with the other at Co-op and one person has been prosecuted while two other suspects are on bail.

The number of assaults and common assaults also dropped during June.