WITH the eyes of the world on the football World Cup in their home country, a group of Brazilian students have been in Taunton…..learning about cricket.

Taunton School has welcomed the ten 13 to 16-year-old students, most of whom are from Rio de Janeiro, for a two-week academic programme which is also giving them a taste of English culture.

They were brought to England by IED – a Rio-based company which specialises in sending Brazilian students abroad.

The first week of the youngsters’ stay coincided with the final days of the summer term and they were each given a Taunton School student “buddy” to help them settle in.

As well as joining in classes, they were given lessons in academic English while, in their second week, they are receiving tuition in photography.

Their stay has included a visit to London and Oxford together with trips to Glastonbury, Wells and Tarr Steps on Exmoor.

The children have also had an introduction to cricket – although they have also been keeping up with their national team’s efforts to win football’s biggest prize back on home turf.

Cris Salgado Schuller, partner in IED, said: “It has been a privilege for the children to have the chance to experience British education and to learn a different way of life.

“Our numbers were limited because of the World Cup but we are planning to return next year with a much bigger party.”