A GROUP of Minehead residents have set up a Facebook page to 'stop the Minehead Clock Tower'.

Last week, the County Gazette reported how the project to build a clock tower along the seafront was aimed to be up and running by the end of this year.

This was two and a half years since the planned completion date of June 2012, in time for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

But now almost 100 residents have taken to Facebook to show their support to stop the clock tower.

One resident, who wished not to be named, has contact West Somerset Council with his concerns for the tower.

He said: “The overwhelming consensus of local people contributing to the discussion on Facebook is that the clock tower is not wanted but that people feel powerless to stop it being imposed on them.

“The area at the end of the Avenue next to the beach is a key part of the town with great potential but at the moment it looks an uncoordinated mess and the clock tower will be just another standalone feature with no connection whatever to the existing features.

“We strongly urge those connected to abandon the project and develop it into an amenity area to the benefit of the residents and visitors of the town.”

However some residents believe the tower will be an asset to the town.

Claire Godfrey said: “There are a lot of people behind this project who have worked passionately towards raising money for this clock tower.

“What has Minehead got to lose from it? “When the statue of the hands holding the map appeared, I thought it was a waste of time and money but my three boys know exactly what it represents, it is a part of Minehead.”

Derek Webb, treasurer of the project said: Sadly our original financial target has not been met; time is passing so the decision was made to cut the suit to fit the cloth.

“All funding to date has come from private subscription, not from public funds.

“Because of limitations imposed as a registered charity, the committee is constrained; legally the money cannot be used to support any other venture.

“This project was an effort to try and improve the environment of Minehead.

“We are sorry some people felt strongly enough to express their disapproval the way they did.”

  • Do you think Minehead should have a clock tower or would you like to see something else instead? Get in touch by emailing: danielle.morris@nqsw.co.uk or comment below.