WILLITON parish councillors have expressed their disappointment after their planning application for a new pavilion and multi-use games area was rejected by West Somerset Council.

The plans, which were discussed at a meeting last Thursday looked set to get full-planning permission.

However, the district authority rejected the application, saying: “The Planning Committee felt that the proposed pavilion would have an adverse effect on the residents living nearby which would result in an unacceptable loss of residential amenity.

“They therefore voted to refuse the application.” The Pavilion was a bid to help improve the services available to the youth and community.

At an exhibition earlier this year, residents gave an overwhelmingly positive response to the plans which were first suggested back in 1998.

 The plans would have seen a multi-games area built on a corner plot of the memorial ground.

There were also hopes to build a kitchen, changing rooms, showers and toilets along with a remembrance garden, linking the pavilion to the war memorial.

Cllr Bill Vaughan, vice-chairman of Williton Parish Council said: “As a parish council, we are disappointed with the outcome of the decision.

“What is particularly disappointing is that members of the planning group didn't seem to take into account what was said from the Environment Agency who recommended that we build there.

“We are yet to receive the report and see why exactly planning was rejected, but from what was said at the meeting it seems to be the position of the building and the area behind it.

“But they also didn't look at the security measures we had made.

“When we have read the report we will decide if we are going to appeal the decision or take on board what they have said. “

There were a group of Williton people who agreed in principal to the building but not the location. “Are next step is to read the report and take it from there.”