LiveGlastonbury 2014: The Lone Ranger Blog, Day Three

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  • Main stages open at 11am for music industry big names
  • Arcade Fire, Elbow, Lily Allen & Rudimental among Pyramid Stage acts
  • Haim, Foster The People & Paolo Nutini on Other Stage
  • Daisy gearing up for day of rain, more rain, and mud


This is The West Country:


This is The West Country:


IS there any man in the music industry garners as much genuine, heartfelt affection as Guy Garvey?

The bearded poet of Manchester just steered his crew, Elbow, through yet another flawless live set at the helm of the Glastonbury ship. 

**I can hear Paolo Nutini playing one if his new funk tracks on the Other Stage as I type, and it's like a fish hook to the lip

I digress.

Garvey's vocal is always flawless, unique, and looking trim in a plaid shirt, he looked like he could've been plucked out from his own crowd of devotees.

Elbow's latest record, as Garvey's break-up album, blows Chris Martin of Coldplay's out of the water, by the way.

And we got to do "the reverse Mexican wave", Which just means you bend down and jump up once the person in front of you has. 

"It's a tradition now, 'cos we've done it once before", says Guy.

"You're remarkable human beings, Glastonbury!" he adds.

Because that's what we are, when the thousands of us cram before that stage, the steadfast image of joy united. Animal Glastonbury; organism, Glastonbury.

Ah, it was lovely.



Tom Wilkie, Kirsty Glen and Lola Belle, with her hardcore ear protectors on:

This is The West Country:


Before locating Haim, however, I stumbled across the Gully Stage, where the awesome and swaggery Ladi6 had just started her set.

Definitely worth a look-up if you like jazzy hip-hop that's likened to Outkast and De La Soul but "with a distinctly NZ flavour."

(Not that I can corroborate, having never been to New Zealand and my sole NZ reference points being Flight of the Conchords, the Kiwi bird, and The Hobbit. But Ladi6 has a clear voice punctured with hip-hop inflections, and I believe her.)

The boys in fluoro let me into the 'pit' to grab a picture with the iPad, which tickled them slightly, but how nice is that?

This is The West Country:


IT'S the second year in the row that Haim have done Glasto - in 2013, having just declared it "the best moment in my entire life", Este (the eldest sister, a bassist who also shares frontwoman duties with Alana) was rushed off stage with a diabetic seizure.

"But I survived, which is really rad," she said, before covering Beyonce's 'XO' to celebrate.


This is The West Country:


Phew, so I'm back, at a slightly clammy press tent, swift-turned storm shelter, as the thunder's finally begun to rumble outside, and ALL the rain they said was going to fall since the early hours seems to have been unleashed. 

Everyone in the press tent is wincing at the sound.

Sisters three, Haim (pronounced hai-im), have been one of my favourite hipster bands for a while now, so my heart sang a little when my ability to decipher the map actually got me to the Other Stage where they were just under an hour ago.

Their shtick seems to be love songs with bite, funky riffs, and Alanis Morrisette hair.

I remember reading somewhere that the middle sister Alana toured with The Strokes for a bit, until the frontman encouraged her to get writing her own stuff to tour with.

Anyway, their badass style girl rock was never more evident then on 'Honey Pie' ("the line goes honey I'm not your honey pie") when a thick plume of ink-like cloud streaked across the sky dangerously:

This is The West Country:


I jest, of course. Ed Sheeran didn't even bat an eyelid, despite the fact some random chick was yelling his name at him.

He did think it was weird that I just wanted to take his picture though, so this happened...This is The West Country:



THE next thing I knew, I was just crossing the road back to the press hub, when one of the biggest names in the UK music industry today insisted on having his photo taken...

This is The West Country:


AFTER the daal, I wandered back in the direction of a spinning zoetrope-style thing, where I was offered a free chilly banana by this gent here.

Let me hasten to add that this was a frozen third of banana on a stick, covered with chocolate and sprinkles, and not a euphemism.

This is The West Country:


ANYWAY, before I even began my uneconomical trudge of Glastonbury's main stage core, I did slide into Blondie's set over at the Pyramid Stage -nowhere near the front, of course, but wow was it a heady thing walking through his boggy corridor to emerge out to the thickening crowd and Debbie Harry singing One Way Or Another.

The screens help, of course, but Harry was already distinguishable from where I was stood by her flash of bright white bob.

"Hello hello hello!" She cried, "So great to be here, so great to see you all.

"Oh yeah, Glastonbury, there's nothing like it in the world, nothing like it."

This is The West Country:


HAVING collected directions from three more people, I arrived exactly where the map says the Bandstand was supposed to be. 

The only problem was, there was no Bandstand.

"Oh yeah," says one of the stewards. "The map says it's here, but it's actually around the corner..."

So I sat down for a breather and nabbed some daal and flatbread instead, and met a pair of men without New Zealand accents, who informed me they were the next big NZ sensation.


I GOT lost, again. But this time, it wasn't entirely my doing.

After spending a good hour sliding along paths, gravitating towards good sounds, I knew I was headed not to the Bandstand, as intended, but into the Circus area.

How did I know?

Because there was a man with an up-curled moustache, playing a battered piano, on wheels, through the mud, of course:

This is The West Country:


Contrary to all predictions, my attractive waterproof cape has spent most of the day so far in my hand.

It's been toasty; there's been sun, Rodrigo y Gabriela have been slamming their guitars at a muddying Pyramid Stage, looking as pained and soulful as any nuevo-flamenco Mexican music duo should.

This is The West Country:


THE 26-year-old man was from Reading, Avon and Somerset Police has confirmed.

A spokesperson added: "His death is not considered to be suspicious, he had an induvidual reaction to ketamine, and we don't believe that it was a bad batch of drugs." 


POLICE confirm a 26-year-old man has died in hospital after taking ketamine at the Glastonbury Festival.

The man was reported to have suffered an adverse reaction to the banned Class B in the early hours of yesterday morning (June 26).

Glastonbury police tweeted: "Unfortunately the man taken ill after a suspected reaction to ketamine has died this morning. His family are aware and being supported."

It is the second fatality at this year's festival after a 67-year-old woman died on site from natural causes.

Police said her death is not being treated as suspicious.


AND these are they (if you squint hard enough you might just be able to make them out behind the blue of security). May be the first and last time I get to touch the barrier:

This is The West Country:


AFTER a lot of sound checking, Turtle Island have opened the Pyramid Stage for Glasto 2014.

Part punk-rock metal rhthymn and vox, part bouncing tribal drums from Japan - great way to crack the nut.


MUSIC'S starting, so I'm off to see what's a-happening on the main stages and catch Taunton's Django Reindhart protégé, Darren Hodge at the Bandstand.

Catch you later!


A PILOT, doctor, paramedic and nurses are among the Festival Medical Service team helping festivalites at the First Aid points.

"Not that we'll disclose who is who!" comes the jest, flying out from the office.

There are at least six First Aid points on site.

I'm told:

"In the dance village they're much more in demand. Here we get more advice and information requests.

"We get the walking wounded coming in here, so we can treat them before they get to the Big Ground medical centre.

"But we're also prepared if there's anything life-threatening."

So what's the festival experience for them?

"It's a very safe festival. The patients on the whole here are middle class, and so they're healthy on arrival, so it's not really much of a problem.

"Something like Reading, which is a bit more teenager-just-left-school, is a bit more laity and fighty, but everybody loves each other here.

"I compare it to a skiing holiday here!"

This is The West Country:


POLICE at Glastonbury have just released this lengthy update of thefts, arrests, and the progress of the man who was taken to hospital yesterday.

  • We’ve used tracking software to locate a stolen phone and arrested a woman overnight on suspicion of theft and possession of drugs.
  • Three men have also been arrested on suspicion of theft after they were seen by a security team acting suspiciously near tents.

Inspector Liz Hughes said:

“Thanks to a tracking app we’ve been able to recover a stolen phone which shows that they really do work.

"They are really useful and I would urge anyone who hasn’t already got one installed to do so today.

“We’ve also arrested three men on suspicion of theft and this shows that there are a very small number of people who come here intending to steal and spoil the fun for everyone else.

"While the arrests are a positive step, it’s a reminder to us all to look after your possession very carefully.”

  • There have been 85 crimes reported in the first 48 hours – this is 30% less than last year – and about half are property thefts.
  • We’ve arrested 30 people so far.
  • The man who was taken to hospital yesterday remains in a life-threatening condition.
  • He’s 26-years old from Berkshire.
  • His family have been informed and are by his bedside.


This is The West Country:


BUT us Brits do revel in the weather, of course, and Glasto is the place where our weather-through mentality ups the ante.

This is The West Country:

(Something smelt amazing on the way past this breakfast burger hut, which has been open since 5am; and a soothing blare of rootsy Ray Charles)


WEATHER map currently reading no weather (and no irony lost!):

This is The West Country:


IT would be much nicer though...

This is The West Country:


I'M back in the press tent to ease the uploading process before continuing to get drenched as little possible.

My poncho is bigger than my tent.

There's a definite change in the atmosphere. In twelve hours most of the long-lens wielders around me are going to be trying to get artful shots of Arcade... and the water is cascading down outside.

I imagine this is how Niagara Falls sounds.. definitely not the drumming we're after today.


THIS is Mark, from Marlowe, with his horse-for-a-parrot, George.

George has his own Facebook page, apparently.

This is The West Country:


THE Woohoo Revue, at The Bandstand last night. 


Climbing into my sleeping bag late last night, after an indecipherable conversation with a very tall, cidery man covered in glitter, sleep was sketchy.

If it wasn't the sound of torrential rain threatening to hammer through the roof of my tent that kept me bolt awake, it was an Arcade Fire earworm*, or the sound of Sasha, Stevie Wonder, screaming crowds, drunken comerarderie...

The hills around Worthy must act like a huge speaker, sending up this fantastical sound. It's amazing, and it confuses your senses.

*Incidentally, I was sat back in the interstage area behind the Pyramid Stage when crews sound-checked by playing Arcade Fire's "Reflektor" track eight times in a row. Needless to say, it was pretty well drummed into my skull.


GOOD morning everyone. How are we?

Once again I am up bright and fairly early to find a cloudy sky, but not deluge (yet). In fact, this was the view from my tent 30 minutes ago:

This is The West Country:

Deceptive, huh.

Just checked the Met Office, and the reading is fine until 11am, when all he weather symbols combine to read black cloud, rain, lightning and sun all at the same time. But a wet one's guaranteed.

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2:56pm Fri 27 Jun 14

Retired snapper says...

Brilliant coverage, if you can't be there this is excellent, makes me want to go next year, will 65 be to old?
Brilliant coverage, if you can't be there this is excellent, makes me want to go next year, will 65 be to old? Retired snapper
  • Score: 3

6:44pm Fri 27 Jun 14

chachacha27 says...

I am extremely jealous!
I am extremely jealous! chachacha27
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