CALLS have been made to improve safety at a crash blackspot in Wellington where a fatality “is only a matter of time.”

Two cars collided at the junction of Pyles Thorne Road and Ford Street, where they meet the A38, at 5.45pm on Sunday (June 22) in what was the latest in a string of crashes at the site.

Nobody was injured in the collision but highways engineers are being urged to act now before somebody is killed.

Naomi Thomas, who lives at the top of Pyles Thorne Road, said she has witnessed many collisions since moving there two and a half years ago and says she often uses her house as a “makeshift hospital”.

Naomi said: “There have been several accidents since we moved here; the junction is just not safe at all.

“I am too scared to even sit in my garden as I fear a car is going to crash through the fence.

“Just sitting in our lounge, which has triple glazed windows, during the morning rush hour will give you an idea of people’s driving.

“Thankfully there has not been a fatality since we’ve been here; however it is only a matter of time.”

Figures recorded at the CrashMap website show 12 collisions at the junction between 2005 and 2012.

That number, which comes from official data from incidents reported to police, does not include the most recent collisions, including Sunday’s.

Naomi, founder of the Wedding Wishing Well Foundation charity which organises and funds weddings for terminally ill people, added: “My neighbour was even crashed into when pulling out of our driveway.

“You can’t see to pull out and when I approached the council about putting in a mirror to make it safe I was told I needed planning permission and even then it probably would never happen.”

A spokesman for Somerset County Council said: “We are always concerned by collisions on Somerset’s roads and investigate every serious collision to take action if needed.

“Some safety improvements were carried out back in 2012 and they appear to have reduced the injury collisions occurring at the junction.

“However, we are continuing to monitor the situation closely.”