CHILDREN from Chilton Trinity School in Bridgwater had a visit from Sedgemoor District Council’s legal team.

As part of the Citizenship Foundation’s ‘Lawyers in Schools Scheme’, the team talked to pupils about their awareness and understanding of the law.

‘Lawyers in Schools’ is a unique skills-based employee volunteering opportunity designed to increase young people’s awareness and understanding of the law.

Over three two-hour sessions, young people at the school will learn about six different areas related to the law. With the aid of interactive exercises and case studies, students at Chilton Trinity will learn about the difference between criminal and civil law, the Human Rights Act, Consumer Law, Social Media law and Youth Justice; as well as how to apply the law.

Steve Hellard, Sedgemoor’s Legal Services Manager, said: “Sedgemoor District Council is delighted to be one of the few local authorities to participate in the Lawyers in Schools scheme.

“Our aim in volunteering was to use our skills to support our local community by helping young people understand the law and helping them to develop useful life skills.

“The activities are engaging and thought-provoking, encouraging an evaluative approach to thinking and talking about the law and the materials used are written by educational experts.”

A spokeswoman for Chilton Trinity School said: “The year 9 students enjoyed the exciting opportunity and were 'buzzing' with discussions about what they had learned about Human Rights the next day.

“We hope that following these sessions the students will be encouraged to look at all aspects of the Law in further education.”