STUDENTS from Chilton Trinity have been bringing in their clothes and material for recycling to help fund their planned expedition to Africa.

The Year 9 and 10 students are busy raising funds for the life-changing Community Project trip Kwazulu Natal in June and July next year, a joint expedition with Robert Blake Science College, and their latest work has been in bringing in bags of material which the school receives money for.

The bags have been coming in by the dozen and filled with clothes, shoes and bedding.

Organiser Paul Cadmore said: “If anyone would like to help raise money for this life-changing trip, please get in touch with the school.”

The students’ African project work next year will involve working with the school community at Mankonjane.

They will be refurbishing teaching spaces, provide maintenance support for other areas that may need work, and will help in the delivery and catering for a day of fun interaction with the school staff and children.