AN ‘outstanding’ student has been honoured with a special award after undergoing an incredible turnaround in his five years at a Bridgwater school.

Louis Verncombe, 16, of Chilton Trinity is being described as a ‘model student’ and has won a Silver Swallow award for excellence and achievement.

In his final review at the school, it was revealed that he had the highest possible rating on his attitude to learning in every single lesson.

In his last few years he has been on the Head Teacher’s student leadership team, has been made a prefect, and has won a range of accolade and high-achievement awards while taking his GCSEs.

But in Year 7 he wasn’t enjoying school, had poor attendance and teachers found it was difficult to engage him in lessons.

Head of his Year 11 Ruth Henderson said: “Louis is an amazing young man and we cannot speak more highly of him.

“He is simply outstanding in every way and is so deserving of this award. We remember his difficult start but we can hardly believe it is the same boy. Well done Louis! We are very proud of you.”