A PLAY park in Bridgwater has been spruced up by Sedgemoor District Council.

Holford Road, in Durleigh, has seen new fencing completed around the parks perimeter and the installation of a nearly-new trampoline.

The new fencing cost £3,285 and was funded by ward RLT2 developer contributions for play.

A spokesman for SDC said: “The previous fence was no longer secure and making repairs would not have been cost-effective.

“The trampoline, previously sited at Rosewood park in Burnham, was found to be unsuitable for the drainage conditions and was felt to be more suited to a higher gradient site. Holford Road was identified as the perfect location.

“The trampolines move, installation and post-installation inspection cost £1,756 and was also funded by ward RLT2 developer contributions for play.”

A major ‘phase-one’ investment project, costing £113,000, was completed in 2013.

The five parks benefiting from phase one investment were Mansfield Park in Hamp, Holford Road in Durleigh, Crowpill Lane and Linham Road in Chilton, Bridgwater and Red House Road, East Brent.