A ‘GROT spot’ in Bridgwater could become a supermarket petrol station if planners give the go-ahead.

Asda has applied for planning permission to transform the long-neglected former medical centre (pictured) on the opposite bank of the River Parrett at East Quay into a filling station.

The building was bought by Asda after the company opened its supermarket in the town in 2004.

The news comes after Bridgwater and District Civic Society awarded the site ‘Eyesore of the Month’.

Civic Society member John Stuckey said: “It has become a picture of total dereliction, used as a rubbish dump, outdoor urinal and late-night binge drinking spot. In other words, another Bridgwater eyesore.

“Grabbing land in this way, presumably to prevent competition from other developers, and then allowing it to decay, is an insult to our town.

“Long-term aspirations for Eastover are much welcomed but what is Sedgemoor District Council doing now to challenge owners and developers to respect the town by maintaining their property?”

Kerry Rickards, chief executive at Sedgemoor District Council, said Asda has been co-operating fully.

He added: “We have several of these ‘grot spots’ in Sedgemoor which are being addressed. We are frustrated with the very limited powers the council has to put pressure on landlords to sort out some of these buildings.

“If the Civic Society has ideas about what more we can do then we would love to hear suggestions.

“These eyesores are unacceptable but the most we can do, in most cases, is bring it to the attention of the landlord.”

He said as long as the building is secure and safe there is not much more the council can do.

An Asda spokesman said: “We are keen to ensure the redevelopment of the site and have recently submitted an application to build a new Asda petrol filling station.

“We are delighted to be able to bring further investment to Bridgwater and we are sure that local residents and customers will benefit from lower fuel prices if our plans go ahead.”