NATIONAL Minimum Wage enforcement teams working for HM Revenue and Customs forced a South-West car dealer to hand out more than £10,000 he had underpaid three workers.

A retailer in the region also had to pay back a similar amount after charging workers for uniforms.

Jennie Granger, director of enforcement and compliance at HMRC, said: “Paying the National Minimum Wage is not a choice – it’s the law. HMRC will continue to ensure that workers get at least the wage to which they are legally entitled.

“Where an employer ignores these rules, we will ensure that any arrears are paid out in full and the employer is fined. Rogue employers be warned – we will find you and you will pay.”

In 2013/14 the Wales and South-West team identified £964,025 in arrears and in addition issued 91 financial penalties.