MILLIONS of pounds worth of automobile royalty were parked outside the Walnut Tree hotel in North Petherton.

Members of the 25hp Register of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club were visiting the area as part of their Somerset rally and decided to stop off in North Petherton.

Each club member parked their prized possession at the hotel, with estimates of each car’s value varying wildly, one being quoted as being worth £2.5 million.

Tony James, registrar at the club, said: “The club concentrates on Rolls-Royce motor cars manufactured between 1929 and 1939 inclusive.

“When they were new, the first owner would purchase the chassis, engine and running gear from Rolls-Royce and commission a bespoke body from the carefully selected coachbuilders.

“Thus the cars were unique and expensive, each car costing as much as ten average houses.”

The elite motoring club has been organising tours and rallies across the world for the past 20 years, from the UK to America and to Australia, and members said their stay in Somerset was wonderful.

Mr James said: “The members of the register appreciate quality and the pursuit of excellence and in selecting hotels and restaurants we seek secure parking, excellent food, and comfortable rooms, and an ambiance and service of the highest quality.

“Thus it was no accident that the organisers of our Rally in Somerset chose the Walnut Tree Hotel and Restaurant in North Petherton as our base.

“The conduct of everyone we met at the hotel was exemplary, displaying courtesy, friendliness, efficiency and expertise at all times.”