A FLOOD victim who won’t be able to move back into her home for several months says dealing with her insurers has added to her woes.

Bryony Sadler has discovered she won’t be able to return to her home in the centre of Moorland until sometime between October and Christmas.

Bryony, a member of the Flooding on the Levels Action Group (FLAG), said communicating with her insurance company, Legal and General, had been extremely difficult.

She added: “It’s summer. I want to get on with the bit of my life that I can but they are not releasing funds.

“I want £250 to buy a bike so I can go out with my kids. If I really want a bike I can go to the Somerset Community Foundation but my bike was insured.

“I shouldn’t go to the Somerset Community Foundation because that money is for stuff that isn’t insured. We need these things immediately. I cannot take that long to sign all the forms and wait because by then the summer will be over.

“I just want to be able to go home. We are finding that every time someone comes in and does something, it’s not done properly.

“Nobody is taking responsibility for the mistakes. I just don’t have enough hours in the day to deal with this. I have my family and my business and all of this.”

A spokesperson from Legal and General said: “Mrs Sadler’s claim was registered on February 7 and despite police advising not to visit the area as there was danger to life, a visit was made by our loss adjuster LAS on February 11 by tractor.

“By February 14 we had agreed temporary accommodation up to Easter and then a longer term solution was agreed. LAS were advised no further entry to the village by local council and police due to the continuing danger.

“LAS regularly kept in contact with the local council and police and once the cordon was lifted, LAS attended site on March 11 and met with the customer and her appointed representative.

“Legal and General organised a customer event and a visit to the village on March 19, whereby all Legal and General customers were visited or asked to attend a session to discuss the general insurance process and also had a chance for one to one sessions for more individual questions.

“We have maintained regular and open communications with the customers’ appointed representative Morgan Clark Ltd and no issues have been raised in this regard by the customers’ appointed loss assessor.”