A SERVICE of thanksgiving for animals and in particular pets, is being held at Rodhuish on June 8.

The Rev John Franks will lead the service outside Bartholomew’s Chapel, starting at 11am and organisers want children and parents to bring along their pets.

Horses, ponies, calf, lambs, birds, rabbits, cats, hamsters or any other animals bar reptiles are invited.

The service will take place outside St Batholomew’s in the fenced field which surrounds the chapel.

There will be parking for horse boxes and trailers at Higher Rodhuish Farm and for cars at Styles Farm which is just past the Chapel.

Organiser Sam Westmacott said: “The Rex Hancock used to hold a service every year for pets, bad sadly he passed away and now I want to have a service thanking God for our pets and also to pay respects to Rex.

“Animals bring us so much joy and love and our relationship with them is so special.”