AN author from Langport is on a mission to identify a group of soldiers from Somerset for the latest update to his book.

Jeffrey Wilson wrote The Somerset Home Guard: A Pictorial Roll Call back in 2004.

It contains 300 pages full of old photos of home guards from around Somerset and is currently available on Amazon, but Jeffrey is having trouble identifying the names of the 3rd Yeovil Battalion Home Guard (above) and is calling on people from Somerset for help.

He said: “I started the book before I retired in the late 1980s.

“A chap brought an old picture into work and we couldn’t name anyone, so we set ourselves the task of naming the soldiers.

“We’ve received over 500 photos and 2,000 people have been identified.

“Ever since the book came out, more photos keep turning up for us to look at.

“We currently have 60 updates to make as people keep sending us information on who the soldiers are.

“It’s an old photo, but there must be someone in Yeovil or the nearby area who can help name them.

“I would be delighted to receive any further photos or information for inclusion in my update which will be produced in 2015.”

If you have any information on the 3rd Yeovil Battalion Home Guard or on any other pictures in the book, call Jeffrey on 01458-251808.