THE Bridgwater Foodbank team has made another collection at the town’s ASDA store.

They amassed 293.35kg of food from public donations.

Spokesman Ted Stock said: “We can’t thank the management and staff at the store enough for their co-operation and commitment to our cause.”

The Foodbank is a crisis charity established to help people in need.

Ted said: “Our clients have to prove their level of crisis to one of the professional organisations who then give them a voucher to bring to us to be fulfilled.

"We’re now helping around 120 clients a month to manage their crisis. Some are on zero hour contracts, some are homeless, some are on the minimum wage and can’t meet their bills, and some are suffering financially because of the ‘bedroom tax’ and aren’t able to pay their bills and provide food for themselves and/or their dependents.”

If you need help from the Foodbank visit the Citizens Advice Bureau.