YEOVIL Motor Company is advising motorists in Yeovil to get their air conditioning in their car checked out before the weather starts warming up for the summer.

Weather forecasters are widely predicting the UK is set to roast in a three-month long heat wave which could break all previous records; as a result, neglecting the air conditioning in your car could lead to uncomfortable summer driving.

With approximately two-thirds of all cars on the road fitted with air conditioning and climate systems as standard, many drivers in Yeovil are unaware that air conditioning systems also need regularly servicing, particularly after the winter months where it has not been switched on.

In some cases prolonged non-use of the air-conditioning unit in a car can lead to a gradual decline in the power of the system ultimately reaching a critical point where the car can no longer maintain a desired temperature, which can lead to stale and unpleasant odours in the car.

Over time, air conditioning systems become breeding grounds for bacteria and germs that cause sore throats, flu-like symptoms, allergies and smells. For this reason, as well as the predicted hot weather, it is important to maintain your air conditioning system periodically like any other vital component.

With Yeovil Motor Company on Reckleford running air-conditioning cleaning for as little as £39, trained technicians will be able to run a check to ensure your system will be refreshed, allowing it to effectively circulate cool, fresh air all year round.

Mike Lloyd at Yeovil Motor Company commented: “We find that the most common cause for complaint with air conditioning is when drivers don’t use it during the winter, the refrigerant leaks. Checking and servicing the air conditioning regularly is an easy way to prevent minor faults, such as this, developing into costly repairs.”