TWO men have been arrested in London on suspicion of fraud.

The men, aged 18 and 38-years-old, have been brought back to the Avon and Somerset force area and are being interviewed in connection with possible courier cash transfers.

A taxi driver who was asked to courier a package to London became suspicious after seeing publicity about people being duped and encouraged to send large sums of money to people posing as police officers in the London area.

Two people were contacted in Minehead on Tuesday (May 13) by a man claiming to be a police officer from the Metropolitan Police.

He said he was investigating fraud and asked the individuals to send large sums of money which needed to be checked as part of the investigation.

Three other incidents have taken place in the district, with more than £40,000 demanded.

Many of the victims across the Avon and Somerset force area, mainly vulnerable elderly people, have been targeted and some duped into withdrawing cash.

Victims are contacted by telephone and convinced to withdraw cash then asked to send it to London or via a courier.

The culprit claims the money is evidence for an investigation.

Another scam involves someone claiming to be a police officer from London who has arrested two people carrying bank cards with details of the victim.

A police operation was mounted and the two men arrested on suspicion of 'fraud by false representation.'